NOAH – An Earth Day Tale

April 21, 2014
The sky

The sky

I saw the movie NOAH on a rainy April day. Talk about set up.

Taking the story of NOAH and The Ark out of it’s traditional depiction in the middle east brought the focus to the story itself. This is a story about the abundance of life or lack of it depending on one’s vision and how one’s vision dictates ones behavior.This drama throws into high relief a very loud dialogue taking place on our planet right now. Is there enough or not enough for everyone? The two protagonists, NOAH and his mortal enemy the man that killed his father, a cruel tribal leader who fancies himself a king, have views that are diametrically opposed.These two archetypes could be called the Green Movement vs Fossil Fuels.The bad guys live a kind of self fulfilling prophecy. Waste is a way of life and they constantly complain how harsh life is,always casting blame on the Creator whom they like to claim does not hear them. Noah has the view that he should tread gently upon the earth and act as caretaker and he displays a tenderness and awe towards a simple flower or the cosmos revealed in the night sky.The garb he and his family dons reminds me of clothing worn at and made for our outdoor festival culture in America and points slightly south where modern seekers retreat to commune with nature,themselves and each other for ten day chunks in the desserts and remaining wildernesses of the world.Practical with no frills you find no flowing robes of the Ten Commandmants variety here. Set in a post apocalyptic world that reminded me of Mad Max in the Scottish Highlands, the landscape Noah and his family inhabit is scorched and barren of trees. Noah’s family,descendants of Seth are far, far away from the lush and fertile Garden of Eden but they are SINGULARLY moving towards it because they know the time of waste is over. They are vegetarians. I appreciated this reference to the Old Testament where foods such as nuts and seeds are recommended… and they will be unto you as meat.(I found a lot of bhakti in this movie). In Noah’s case lichen is the order of the day as forests have virtually vanished. Now how to build that ark? Is there hope?

NOAH Shot in the Brooklyn Marcy street Armory,it is a visually stunning film, majestic in scope where everything looms large.The natural world is intelligent and supernatural in it’s grandeur because life is just so darn simple. Intuitively the beasts and birds find Noah’s ark which is wonderful to watch as it dwarfs the human ego. After the avians flock to the ark they settle in among the roosts. You see Noah and his good wife handling a small bird near a metal bowl with flower like embers. “It’s asleep” she utters. As I watched Shem and his mother (a talented herbalist) stroll through the avian deck while gently swinging incense pots to and fro the symbolism was strong. This sacred moment was a blessing of the animals in real terms and a lesson for man giving us a gentler interpretation of what it means to have dominion over the Earth.This was Church with every players level of commitment exposed due to sheer proximity to the meek. Anyone who has ever had to transport animals by freight or air understands how traumatic it is for the hound,cat or other beloved companion to be confined to a cage,buffeted by luggage and the wind in a dark lonely place. So many dying of fright. It was a thoughtful touch to imagine what the Birds,Beasts,and Everything That Crawls and Slithers would have required to make it through an extremely harrowing flood in a story that is notoriously free of detail.In this respect the story reminds me of Native American prophecy. It’s blunt, earth bound and so simple we can barely understand it. To be merciful and kind to all of Gods Creatures, particularly the vulnerable is a task that Noah points out repeatedly that they have been entrusted with.

Faith That All Needs Will Be Met in God’s Time
And that is the test is it not?
As aspiring yogi’s do we cultivate this feeling that we have all that we need when we need it? Do we fear that we have been forgotten in the way closest to our hearts desires ? That we need not covet or hoard more than is necessary? Can we be practical AND be free to live in the moment,confident that life is steering us towards our highest good? Are we brave enough to act on faith? This theme is played out in the relationship of father and son, Noah and Ham. While Ham is naturally curious and Noah has a gruff parenting style,in the end it’s Ham’s lack of faith that he will not be provided for that creates a rift between the father and son. Noah says – Wait be patient. Have you not seen all the miracles that have come to pass? How about a forest coming forth from one seed when we had no wood to build an ark with for starters? But Ham doesn’t want to wait. He wants what he wants when he wants it and he doesn’t think things through.For all it’s Shaekespearen edge the message is simple:God is a God of Divine Harmony and He expects all His children to get along with the burden of that cooperative spirit placed squarely on man. He expects man to be patient and listen closely and quietly to Nature, to Him speaking to you in dreams,to be guided by kindness. Trying to jostle ahead in any way creates a disruptive outcome. And who is Ham? We can all admit we are a little childish, no?
Environmental Conservation and Rising Tides
The BIG BIG theme that cannot be over looked is The Flood. It is the entire reason for the movie and while you may argue for or against the possibility of the world really being inundated with that much water,for anyone who has lived through the harsh realities (and frightening indifference of aid agencies) of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Hurricane Sandy in New York, the typhoon in The Phillippines or the Oso Washington state land slide you may be seeing things in a different way now. Water rose fast and hard and washed away children,homes and businesses in a matter of hours.Environmental conservation is no longer a nice cocktail party conversation among the well heeled but a matter of having or not having a home right in the middle of working class neighborhoods and white collar alike. I can think of no greater irony than the residents of Breezy Point,the majority of whom were firefighters having to watch their homes – about 200 homes burn- to the ground during Hurricane Sandy because the fire trucks could not be moved out of the firehouses in 8 feet of water. If that is not a metaphor for what is happening now I don’t know what is. Warning.

Breezy Point What didn't burn flooded

Breezy Point What didn’t burn flooded

P.S.Anthony Hopkins as Methusaleh is Delightful&Loves Berries
Sir Anthony Hopkins is delightful as Methuthelah
Aside from any other drama and near nervous breakdowns on the part of Russell Crowe,Sir Anthony Hopkins is delightful as the hoary old mystic who lives on top of a mountain like great mystic yogis do. He lends charm, practicality, humanity & humor to the proceedings. He is THE patriarch who really HAS seen it all and still has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He is powerful. He reminded me of my own grandfather Bernando LaPallo who loves berries too…and especially blueberries.Eat more berries and you may live just as long as Methuseleh or maybe as long as Bernando.

p.p.s. *Wikipedia has this to say about Methusaleh. Extra-Biblical mentions:
Methuselah appears in two important Jewish works from the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. In the Book of Enoch,[6] Enoch (as the narrator) tells Methuselah of the coming worldwide flood and of the future Messianic kingdom. The Book of Jubilees names Methuselah’s mother and his wife – both are named Edna – and his daughter-in-law, Betenos, Lamech’s wife.
The 17th century midrashic Sefer haYashar (“Book of Jasher”)[7] describes Methuselah with his grandson Noah attempting to persuade the people of the earth to return to godliness.[8] All other very long-lived people died, and Methuselah was the only one of this class left.[9] God planned to bring the flood after all the men who walked in the ways of the Lord had died (besides Noah and his family).[10] Methuselah lived until the ark was built, but died before the flood, since God had promised he would not be killed with the unrighteous.[9] The Sefer haYashar gives Methuselah’s age at death as 960[11] and does not synchronize his death with the flood.
The Sumerian king list mentions a character named Ubaratutu who seems almost identical to Methuselah. He was the son of Enmunderana the Sumerian Enoch, and king of Sumeria until the flood swept over the land. Although their ages are different their father and year of death remain the same.

Buy Yoga on the Dance Floor at These Stores & Studios

April 17, 2014

Jumping? Okay Smiling joyfully! Tom and Ekayani are thrilled you're buying the CD!In case it wasn’t perfectly clear we are jumping for joy over here at Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space because 3 – count them THREE NEW Very Fine locations are now carrying the REISSUE of Yoga on the Dance Floor and Sanskrit Mantras first released at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2008! Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City all have the CD now! So here is the list! Drum roll please!

Namaste Books on 14 Street NYC

Namaste Books on 14 Street NYC

1. NAMASTE BOOKSHOP – The Eastern & Western Spirituality Bookshop located on that busy thoroughfare in the heart of Greenwich Village and right next to Union Square is conveniently located near the Q,N,R,4,5,6,2.3.1 trains right on 14 Street off Fifth Avenue! Open 7 Days a week please support them (and us) by shopping there! Thank you Rakesh Samani holding it since East West Books shut it’s doors. Workshops, book signings, readings check out their event space too!
Sacred Studio Brooklyn is a lot of fun!
2.SACREDStudio Brooklyn 197 Clifton Place is carrying Yoga on the Dance Floor and Sanskrit Mantras and we just adore Dara Cole the founder for all the incredible fun and outreach to be had for kids, the community, for young women in prison on Riker’s Island who are getting yoga classes now and so much more! Ekayani sang at the opening gala for SACRED and it is a relationship she cherishes.Go check them out! Near the G Train!

3.JERSEY CITY JIVAMUKTI YOGA- Yes Jersey City now has a JivaMukti Yoga Studio run by Austin and they are rocking it out at 171 Newark Avenue! Weekly kirtans, lectures, workshops are all part of the yoga mix. Please support! They are open 7 days a week and if all sells well we’ll be bringing the party to Jersey City in the Fall!!!
Austin Teaching Asana's in Jersey City
Jer- zee!!!

the cult classic has a bar code and everything!

the cult classic has a bar code and everything!

Loren Russo & The Eternal Soundtrack

March 27, 2014

With Loren Russo @ Miami New Life Center March 29, 2010. Little did I know it would be one of many classes we'd do together.

With Loren Russo @ Miami New Life Center March 29, 2010. Little did I know it would be one of many classes we’d do together.

I first met Loren Russo because of the nudge I received from the General Director of Jiva Mukti Yoga School back in 2010 (NYC).I was on a national DIY tour with Yoga on the Dance Floor the concert and meditation party I had cooked up with composer,producer and friend Tom Glide.Headed to Miami Beach specifically to do an evening at H2OM a weekly program at the Standard Spa and Hotel a magical beautiful place situated right on the Venetican Causeway. spaceparty
Miami Meeting
“Well if you are going to Miami, you should meet Loren Russo.She is a very successful Jiva Mukti yoga teacher”.I nodded and said I would look her up. She commanded my respect right away because it was immediately apparent that yoga was her life.Extremely athletic in her approach,Loren has tenderness with students and an impeccable technique.Even more than all this she LOVES yoga in all it’s forms. I have never seen her do the same sequence twice.Her vocabulary in asana seems never ending and if it seems that way it’s because it nearly IS that way with her extensive study, mastery and enthusiasm in Ashtanga. Nowadays through some great blessing I get to have her association and that of her students nearly every Monday Night unless one or the other of us is out of town.I provide the music for her asana class helping students soldier through the challenges right through to the relaxation. I am so glad to be with her again because I felt a strong bond with her from the very first class she allowed me to sing for at The MIami New Life Center almost four years ago to the day today. I witness week after week how she challenges students to go further in what they can coax their bodies and more importantly their minds to allow on the mat.

The Eternal Soundtrack
A class at Miami New Life (see video), one at Bhakti House on Alton Road and then myself giving her class a try at The Standard and she was gone. It would be 3 years until I would see her again standing one day in the Bhakti Center in the East Village for a special occasion we were both attending. I felt a nudge and looked to see who it was to discover it was Lila – Padma!! Not long after exchanging telephone numbers she invited me to sing and be the DJ for her Monday class. Week after week I would search and select music that looked to the East. After all I couldn’t sing the same songs every week right? I covered the waterfront playing devotional artists;Trevor Hall brilliant and emotional ONE, DJ Cheb I Sabbah’s mysterious sound poems and even India Arie. After 5 months of this Loren told me she only wanted my music in her class.

“Are you sure???” I asked ” There are only 19 tracks!”
“It doesn’t matter! Stretch it out!”
“Okay” I replied, ” Daso’smi. I am your servant and it’s your class so whatever you want.”
How could this be? I decided to simply accept her love of these interpretations of sacred mantras and prayers as a blessing. How else could I take it? Apparently I need to take the Name, Fame, Form and Pastimes as a living breathing reality. Check this exchange.
Loren Russo (March 25, 2014 to me):
“Was super awesome.Love love love the whole vibe last night. Exactly in sync with me”
EKAYANI: “LOL! My darling I am so glad but it is so funny because it is the same every week! Somehow our soundtrack seems to adapt to the listener every time.I can only attribute that magic to the Holy Name. He is amazing! Thank you for the blessing. Wow.”
“A. said you were singing so gloriously.Really good vibe and perfect timing with katha (talk). It’s not the same It’s always different. Your music is my eternal soundtrack. I love it.”
EKAYANI: “Wow! Unbeliveable!”

…and so although I was convinced many years ago that these songs would remain fresh due their pure spiritual content based on the writings,realizations and the purity of heart of Narottama dasa Thakur,Locana dasa Thakur, Bhaktivinoda Thakur and the generous translations and commentary by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabupada of the sacred texts of the Sri Isopanishad and Bhagavad Gita As It Is I could have not anticipated this development. My humble realization is that this Music is truly Alive, Ever Fresh and Ever Expanding. If this blessing of assisting in Monday Night Yoga Class ends next week I remain overwhelmed and grateful for this small glimpse into the substantiative realm of Spiritual Sound Vibration. There is another world for us,there really is and it’s dancing on our tongue.

Puerto Rico & the ReIssue of a cult classic Studios Stock up

March 26, 2014
Thursday March 13, 2014 Art Walk Rincon

Thursday March 13, 2014 Art Walk Rincon

When I made the decision to go to Puerto Rico to participate in the Full Moon Jam in Rincon it came after several months of back and forth. December seemed good and then I realized it was the Holidays and I might be biting off more than I could chew. You see artists donate their services to the Full Moon Jam and bear the expense of travel and with a trip scheduled already I needed to conserve before expanding again. January the month of getting back on my feet precluded a trip. February came and it was time to make a decision! So March it would be. And honestly if I had realized that it was going to fall on Gaura Purnima or 526th lunar anniversary (or thereabouts) of the launch of the sankirtana movement due to the activities of saint and scholar Caitanya Mahaprabhu I would have probably pulled out with cries of “not me, I am not worthy”. And that’s the point really because that is where grace can enter. And enter it did in ways unimaginable to me when this process began.

Originally slated to be on a remote farm it was moved to the public beach area of Balnareiros in Rincon an equivalent of Coney Island just smaller. It’s a spot where the locals go on the weekends to relax and sing along to karaoke facing the ocean. View of BeachLocationThe fact that we would be facing the ocean was by no means insignificant since many of Caitainya’s activities had taken place in on,or near the ocean on The Bay of Bengal near the temple of Jagganatha Puri in South India.I am sure you can see where I am going with this.The fact that it would now be taking place in a more public locale was in keeping with the spirit of the popularization of chanting the Holy Names worldwide which is the be all and end all of Caitanya’s mission and made me exceedingly happy. Due to the smarts of the producer,the festival would now be held in a very public location using the public bandshell with the blessings of the city. That meant that I was free to broadcast the healing mantras with a subwoofer essential to the projection of the bass line in dance music. The night was ecstatic and deeply emotional! It seems a man was healed by the very sound of the mantras and I am ever grateful for the quality of people that I met that night from exceptionally tuned in children to seniors who really wanted to be there. We sang,we danced,we jumped into an ocean that was a transparent as glass,found a starfish,tossed it back and brought the night to a close with DJ Tommy Ryan who showed his devotion by closing out the night with a two hour set till 1AM.Tommy

It's always a good idea to have a swimsuit on underneath your costume. With DJ Tommy Ryan.

It’s always a good idea to have a swimsuit on underneath your costume. With DJ Tommy Ryan.

For Thor, Vanessa of ART WALK Rincon and every person who threw fire or did a head stand and bought no not one but two or three copies of our REISSUE Yoga on the Dance Floor and Sanskrit Mantras all I can say is Let’s Do It Again!
the cult classic has a bar code and everything!

the cult classic has a bar code and everything!

Is Your Shop Stocked??? 1072335_534889063243952_1648010701_o
with the award winning 4 out of 5 star deep,progressive reggae dub bossa chilled hip hop dance and asana friendly crossover album? No??? Then kindly join the ranks of Namaste Bookshop just off Fifth Avenue 2 West 14 Street, NYC 10003 <strong>Sacred Studio
Brooklyn 197 Clifton Place in the Bed Stuy & the NEWLY opened outpost of Jersey City JivaMukti Yoga School 171 Newark Avenue in supplying copies of Yoga on the Dance Floor & Sanskrit Mantras to your clients.Drop us a line on Facebook, reverberation, email to arrange for shipping.Look below for all those social media links! You will be helping to change the world in sound.There is no safer place.

We Know the Problems …Or Do We?

February 16, 2014

Chris Hedges
This is an internet meme that caught my attention. Mr. Hedges hits the nail on the head regarding the state of “Adharma” the Sanskrit term for the opposite of Dharma -Mercy, truth, austerity and cleanliness that we crave from the innermost core.There is remediation that’s possible.It’s going to require some spiritual work on an earthly plane and it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it.Let’s talk about what that could look like modeled from a societal paradigm that you may not have heard of before: Varna Asrama Dharma. Intrigued? We gather Sunday February 23 at JivaMukti Yoga School NYC 841 Broadway off Union Square at 6PM. Tuition is $35. Cow Protection – it’s not what you may think it is.

How Cow protection Heals Society

How Cow protection Heals Society

Sacred Cow – How Cow Protection Heals Society Feb 23, 2014

February 15, 2014

The ongoing crisis in energy,repeated environmental disasters,inhumane treatment of everyone and every living thing is in the news constantly.War,prisons,factory farms, suppression of the truth – What is the basis for this and more importantly how can it be solved? My respected colleagues and friends at The Sane Energy Project inspired me to lead this workshop/discussion Sunday,February 23, 2014 at JivaMukti Yoga School.The Sane Energy Project is doing great work to connect the dots of the energy practices that undermine our health on a local,state to state and ultimately international scale.Therefore I have been inspired me to dust off and dig out this knowledge,this alternate perspective based on Sanatana Dharma of what a progressive society looks like,how it functions daily as a social body and what your role could be in it. An “off the mat” talk with the some real life examples,references materials and inspiration in what could be a dynamic series of discussions.Tuition is $35 and you can sign up by calling the lovely staff at JivaMukti Yoga School NYC at (212) 353-2014

How Cow protection Heals Society

How Cow protection Heals Society

2013 in review from Yoga on the Dance Floor

December 31, 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 660 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Intentional Meditation Wildly Successful Change without Conflict

November 3, 2013

“Ekayani – Thank you for your wonderful addition to the frackdown. I heard from many people that it was wonderful end to the day and much needed time to reflect. I really appreciate the spirit of the event…Best, Corinne Rosen, Food and Water Watch Thank You

Ekayani and Jarrod Byrne Mayer photo courtesy Jerry Levy

photo courtesy Jerry Levy

Thank you for those kind words and to all who have been requesting that Jarrod Byrne Mayer and myself come assist you with your events.This is a sign that you are all ready to become EMPOWERED yourself and use the simple and easy steps outlined here in this video now!

A Beautiful sight! photo Owen Crowley

A Beautiful sight! photo Owen Crowley

50 in attendance at the Global Frackdown October 19, 2013 at the site of the Spectra Pipeline NYC photo Owen Crowley

50 in attendance at the Global Frackdown October 19, 2013 at the site of the Spectra Pipeline NYC photo Owen Crowley

Holy Waters Kirtan Yoga with Ekayani Launches 9/25

September 22, 2013

841 Broadway Wednesdays September 25, October 23 and November 26 JivaMukti Yoga School $10 Donation Setting Intentional Meditations while Flexing Our Spiritual Muscles.

The Music of Now for Troubled Times

August 31, 2013



War.Famine.Ecological Disaster.The Music of Now. No doubt you are all aware of the Troubled Times we live in today.We want the answer to be our cleverness, might,diplomacy but it’s just not enough.We look to our politicians for leadership and they give us none. Bottom line is you cannot leave the Creator out of Creation. We made this album to get as many people to CHANT as possible and it’s worked to a degree. These songs were curated from the writing of saints with an Express Method to get happy and get with it. We are being pushed to the brink now with nowhere to turn but God in His Incarnation in The Holy Name. It’s also why this album is fresh!
harer nama harer nama
harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty eva nasty eva
nasty eva gatir anyatha
“In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy the only means of deliverance is chanting of the holy name of Lord Hari. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way.” (Brhad Naradiya Purana)
Our understanding is that music is meant to have meaning and relevance to life providing comfort, shelter, courage, inspiration and meditation. It’s why we made Yoga on the Dance Floor and we hope you share it’s message and power on the dance floor, your yoga studio, your homes and your precious heart. We wish you all a Happy Labor Day Weekend! NEWS that there is NO Monday Night Yoga Class September 2. We resume with Loren Russo September 9th. Conneticut and Miami Appearances in the works. Stay tuned
Love and Light
Ekayani and The Tom Glide Space


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