Food Drive Sunday plus my Health Side Holiday Tips

November 29, 2014

It would mean a lot to me if you came out to the Yoga and Food drive this Sunday November 30th at JivaMukti Yoga School conducted by yogini Ximena Milagros Savitch. It’s the season of giving and this is the second annual drive for the Bowery Rescue Mission. Vegan items are welcome that are canned or boxed. You can drop off items too at the school located at 841 Broadway . I’d also like to introduce you to my health side too and for your holiday stress. Didn’t know I was a health nut?

Money to Burn #1 in the Top 30 Countdown!

November 23, 2014

Well isn’t his a nice surprise! Happy Thanksgiving Indeed!

This live version of “Money To Burn” debuts at #1! Recorded on 11/21/14 on “Rew and Who?” EKAYANI sat down (cuz she is tall!!) to talk with hostess Rew Starr about the track and shared some family history.

Single Spawns A Single Boddhi Sattva’s Ancestral Remix

November 23, 2014
DJ Boddhi Satva's Congloses roots serve his remix well. The favorite its being released as a single.

DJ Boddhi Satva’s Congloses roots serve his remix well.
The favorite its being released as a single.

DJ Boddhi Sattva’s Ancestral Soul Remix of EKAYANI’S Money to Burn is traveling the EDM Afro Dance circuit rapidly because it’s a cool whirling, swirling, percussive joy to hear. I just wanted you to know you better get it here:

- Ekayani

4 Fall Releases? Ekayani is One Lucky Soul Singer

November 19, 2014

1283886751_thanksgiving-cornucopiaWhen a new acquaintance asked me how I was doing and what was new when I was out at a soiree last night I explained. As his jaw dropped as I related my extraordinary good fortune I decided that this would be a good time to toot my horn as loudly as I can here on WordPress and give thanks to this bountiful musical harvest I am sharing with you all this Fall 2014. You see last Monday November 10th the Money to Burn Remixes came out which more or less followed on the heels of my late summer release “Yoga on The Dance Floor”. This week of November 17, I have two more releases coming out on Thursday and Friday.
Are you with me? That makes four releases in the span of two months. Who does this happen to? Anyone out there that wants to drop some statistics on me go ahead but I am pretty sure this is extraordinary occurrence for a singer. Now to the fruits.
Smooth Winter Soul Nu Soul Nu Jazz Slow Jams

Ekayani's Gaura Pahu appears to soothe your soul Get it on iTunes

Ekayani’s Gaura Pahu appears to soothe your soul Get it on iTunes

It’s been my feeling for a long time that I do soul music. I have wanted to make that known but have kept my thoughts to myself.TGEE Records must be some kind of a heart reader since soul man Narrottama Dasa Thakur’s,the 15th Century saint and ascetics words to my new fashioned melody “Gaura Pahu” appears on Smooth Winter Soul.It’s an album filled with love songs surprisingly dedicated to… the self. Aside from Nu Soul ballads of love for a cherished object of affection that you have come to expect (Thank you Luther Van Dross, The Spinners) many of the tunes talk about self transformational love with a gaze turned inward declaring a determination to improve. Is yoga having an effect on soul music too? This transatlantic swim in a pool of state side and across the pond crooners delivering raw emotion is a joy.Smooth Winter Soul is available on iTunes.

Hey Dee Jays! Get these tracks on Beatport!

Hey Dee Jays! Get these tracks on Beatport!

Out on BeatPort! Money to Burn (The Remixes)5 DJ’s

Money To Burn (The Remixes) EP is as a friend said “totally rad that people are digging your music so much they want to make their own versions of it!” Indeed. Yes I am “psyched”! Those totally rad people would be Boddhi Satva,12Shades,Tom Glide,Jedsa and Lust and Domy Dee. Included is the original version I co wrote with Mike McHugh.
Allow me to wax poetic with a couple of mini profiles
Soul Sacrifice Bubble Dub – Break it Down for Me

From whence the title Bubble Dub came. Ekayani's famed skirt made out of Buble Wrap. Shot by Roberto Serrini at EVR.

From whence the title Bubble Dub came. Ekayani’s famed skirt made out of Bubble Wrap. Shot by Roberto Serrini at EVR.

Let’s Do This! Soul Sacrifice Bubble Dub commences with an industrial beat by which I mean strong and relentless. Followed by a solid percussive layer followed by another layer upon which my voice enters Break it down for me!” says the man and I say Yeah let’s discuss this on the dance floor!

They’re breaking down the ozone layer to raise up their bottom line

vibey keys here Money to Burn …check that syncopation and stay grounded.
12Shades Money to Burn Remix asks WHY
The inquiry Why? Why? Why? comes to the fore front of an afro tinged remix by 12Shades (United Kingdom). Congas, bass line,guitar,vibes and taunting voices that sound like kids in a school yard as my voice breaks it down for ya in Sanskrit a timeless and soul liberating language.
Isa vasyam Idam sarvam/Yat Kinca Jagatyam Jagat/Tena tyaktena bhunjitaha/Mah gridha kasya svid Dhanam
You nod your head and say:
Oh Oh Oh – because you understand.
BoddhiSattva Ancestral Soul Remix

DJ Boddhi Satva's Congloses roots serve his remix well. The favorite its being released as a single.

DJ Boddhi Satva’s Congolese roots serve his remix well. The favorite from the MTB Remixes is being released as a single.

Swirls, twirls,takes you back to the words in instrumental form subtle, supple and strong. Look out for a Buy Link Friday on my Facebook page.

Ekayani’s Yoga On the Dance Floor the self starter
What can said about this album? It just keeps going. It’s ever fresh. It unites bhakti and the beat. It’s unprecedented. Its a trendsetter. It got four out of five stars in Time Out New York in the Club Section. It’s a cross cultural uniter. My voice is mesmerizing. You get it.

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!

My gratitude and thanks to that well of creativity and caring Tom Glide label head of TGEE Records most of all.

EDM Brooklyn Singer Ekayani’s Money To Burn Remixes Burns Up The Dance Floor

November 13, 2014


Brooklyn’s leading musical trendsetter and cultural shape shifter points the way out of an apocalypse with her dance floor anthem “Money to Burn”. EDM fans and the yoga set come together for a tasty track spiked with South East Asian influences and a catchy hook.
For Immediate Release:
Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

TGEE Records’ ground breaking world music artist Ekayani’s “Money to Burn Remixes” EP is now available on ITunes and all digital sites worldwide. Her topical anthem about climate change, and it’s relationship to the economic interests of Wall Street, arrives on the heels of the People’s Climate March. A model by day and singer by night, Ekayani (pronounced A – Kai- Yah- Knee) towers at 6 foot 1 inches with a wild mass of hair that makes her a striking figure. What is more striking is her choice of poems from the 15th and 18th centuries set to 130 BPM, taking the meaning of global dance music to another dimension. TGEE Records assembles an international collective of remixers from the Congo, Italy,France and the United Kingdom to highlight Ekayani’s enchanting voice singing in Bengali and Sanskrit. Versatile, she can also be found accompanying Loren Russo’s weekly Thursday night asana class at the popular JivaMukti Yoga School in downtown New York City off Union Square– inspiring students with low fi versions of her club hits.

“Money to Burn addresses an environment and a culture right near where I live: Wall Street. I wanted to keep the track upbeat while I juxtaposed very relevant concerns about climate change. I added a wisdom text to change our perspective of our environment so we don’t ravage the earth. But we have got to keep dancing.”

On Friday, November 21 Ekayani appears at Brooklyn’s Branded Saloon to discuss and perform her hit “Money to Burn”. Branded Saloon is located at 603 Vanderbilt Avenue in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn.

Get DJ Boddhi Sattva’s Ancestral Soul Mix at AMAZON now! With his roots in the Congo you are going to dig this cuz it’s awesome!

Money To Burn (Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Soul Instrumental Mix)

Money To Burn (Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Soul Instrumental Mix)

Buy from Amazon

Ekayani’s Money to Burn Remixes Arrives November 10 on TGEE Records

October 24, 2014

An international cast of REMIXERS has contributed to Ekayani s MONEY TO BURN REMIXES album. It drops 10/10/14 on TGEE Records

An international cast of REMIXERS has contributed to Ekayani
s MONEY TO BURN REMIXES album. It drops 10/10/14 on TGEE Records

New Remixes of Money to Burn the ever relevant dance – able social commentary track by EKAYANI is coming November 10th on TGEE Records(UK) worldwide on a Digital Outlet near YOU!

When we completed Money to Burn (first version) in a matter of days we had the “shock” market crash. My desire to cover this song had been strong for years…How strange is that coincidence? I wanted to add wisdom to the commentary in the lyrics pointing people in the direction of deep wisdom and practical texts so I turned to the Sri Isopanishad. It is in Sanskrit and that’s what you hear me saying in the beginning of the song. The 108th Upanishad is a revelation and is so far away from the impoverishment of consciousness we all struggle with everyday here on at least two levels: Internal and External.


The scene is Wall Street.
The effects Global
From Student Debt to Russian Roulette played with the environment this track manages to keep things #Upbeat. Introduction in Sanskrit the rest in English.
Watch the message with our LOVE and the Love of the Most High.

Money to Burn Message Anthem Sri Isopanishad

October 13, 2014

Ekayani is on TGEE Records (UK)

Ekayani is on TGEE Records (UK)

Halloween for the No Shoes No Booze Crowd

October 10, 2014

Why should only those who are going out to party hard have all the fun on Hallows Eve? Rejoice for this year Ekayani is hosting a Halloween Costume party at Jivamukti Yoga Schools newest branch in Jersey City on Friday, October 31st from 8 to 11PM. The theme is the pantheon of Indian yogis’, sages, demi gods and goddesses with door prizes for the Best Costume. A visually rich tradition, it should be no problem for participants to come up with a fabulous outfit! There will be no booze and no shoes so pack up the toddlers and bring them over for an opening meditation that turns into a rollicking dance party. See the poster for details. What are you wearing? and please don’t be late or you will miss out on the opening ceremony.

No Mundane Festival

October 5, 2014

Opening Meditation with  Gaura Pahu Philadelphia Festival of the Chariots 2014

Opening Meditation with Gaura Pahu Philadelphia Festival of the Chariots 2014

Gaura Pahu Comes to Life – Mystical Tales from Tours

Ratha Yatra (Festival of the Chariots) is no mundane festival. It is not a mechanical occurrence that is either put together or participated in by rote but rather loving care.It is in fact for all it’s pomp and external grandeur a most intimate occurrence conducted by the Lord’s Internal Energy. In Sanskrit we call this internal energy hladini sakti. This is the energy that takes charge of an aspirants spiritual progress or relationship or if you like personal development with the Lord. While Jaggantha,Lady Subhadra and Balarama leave the confines of the mandir for the purpose of giving Their darshan to the “average Joe” caught up in everyday life by being hand drawn by ropes in chariots three stories high or higher pulled by the devotees on the largest thoroughfares and boulevards in America for the benefit of the general public that’s only half the picture.
There is another dynamic taking place with Their Lordships dealing with each and every devotee personally.In my case at this years event in Philadelphia the foibles of my mind were revealed to me in a manner both poignant and kind.The photo that appears in this post (Thanks friend) was taken during the Opening Meditation with Gaura Pahu written by the prince Narrotama dasa Thakur (15th Century) who renounced his worldly inheritance to pursue inner riches. He sings in Bengali:


Narottama is stating ” I have given up the association of saintly persons,like minded persons and instead have wasted my time by not associating with them. Now I am old and everyone is gone.” This song is a lamentation. He is left alone and he appears to be out of luck. This is a sad and bitter pill. How many of us are guilty of this? You know we will get to it next week, next month, next year and then we can’t because the favorable circumstances arranged by time have been taken away by time.

Krsna Provides A Lesson
Sitting in The Yoga Experience Tent I had a lesson. I was isolated. I was watching (and hearing!) the very crowded open kirtan tent directly across from me with the Chariots now parked in full view. And I was, except for a very supportive friend, pretty much alone. In a form of an apology,the dear lady who ran the tent said “I don’t know what happened this year.This is the fourth year I have organized this and usually it’s packed.” And suddenly I knew why I was put into this situation during my sets of which I had two. Krsna was having me experience a glimpse of the consequences of my own thoughts,leading to a self imposed “disinvitation” as I like to call it that was now being magnified for me in a festival setting where all I wanted to do was share. Let me explain; Back home in Brooklyn every week there is an open kirtan conducted in the temple room by members of As Kindred Spirits the wonderful kirtan band. For hours following the Love Feast they sing together and play musical instruments. Guess who never goes? As to why I never go (for years now) I could point to an imaginary sign posted in my mind that says “Open Kirtan. Everyone is Welcome (Except for Ekayani)”. Oh my mind and it’s layers of subterfuge. My own mind has been duping me for years and years out of the shared experience of Bhakti Yoga,the friendships I could have deepend and whatever musical pearls I could have picked up on with these Transcendental Songbirds.The reason? There appears to be, upon a closer inspection, No Reason. At least not a valid one. The mind can be one’s best friend if used properly and one’s worst enemy as well. Thank You for showing me how I have been acting to my own detriment. Like a good parent You showed me lovingly but firmly while encouraging me. At least everyone thought my outfit was fab and that allowed me to promote the music. That was kindness too with a newer and more sober perspective. This is no armchair philosophy that’s for sure. It’s alive, mystical and has a sense of humor.

Donuts Stetsons Don’t Stop: East Village Grows Things Ekayani

September 18, 2014

Anniversary. 10676293_758780804161048_7657580715125094251_n
The 20th Anniversary of the Donut Plant is this month September 2014 the openly Hare Krsna affiliated confectioner which has pushed the limits of what a Donut can be. It can be seasonal coming in true flavors to match the bounty of the year. Marzipan for the Holidays,Meyer Lemon in the Summer, Rose and Chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Pumpkin for Autumn, three kinds of peanut interpretations Salted Peanut,Peanut Butter Glaze with Blackberry Jelly, Peanut Butter with Banana Cream. Who can decide on just ONE? So generally I don’t and just get everything my heart fancies.They are organic.They are blessed and no one can seem to resist going here. When I met Mark in Union Square 20 years ago at the fledging Green Market he told me with a smile and a dreamy look on his face that he was going to open up a doughnut shop using his grandfather recipe. I smiled but was secretly thinking he must be mad. WHO would want to eat donuts other than the NYPD? Ha! Shows I knew nothing and so much nothing that I soon became a HUGE fan going out of my way to get to the only store location down near Pitt Street and Grand. Back in the 90’s scooping up the last of the banana pecan and newly minted chocolate valrhona glaze donuts I served them as cake at my 35th Birthday Party they were so good.Thanks to the Donut Plant I had dessert for the attendees at The Hit Factory debut for the video release of my song “La Raihna” produced by director Kurt Ritta. More than generous to me,folks were taking donuts home in whatever container they could find right Randy Jones?

The Life Cafe
Wearing a stetson hat my dad Daniel Chamberlin had softened his stance on me being a vegetarian. By now it was 1988 and he had come to accept it which was in marked contrast to him turning red in the face with rage when I took him to Chinatown to eat at Dim Sum house that was Buddhist serving mock meat dishes. (They say eating meat makes you angry lol). So much for trying to be thoughtful for a place that could accommodate both of us. I mean the food at this spot was really good and if nobody told you you wouldn’t know as they had skills based on a long tradition of Buddhist eats. I had become aware of this approach due to an article I had read by the famous George Lang, the owner of Cafe Des Artistes located off the swank Central Park West. Lang had discovered these dishes on an extended trip to Japan. I figured if it could fool Lang it would be acceptable to Dan. He didn’t care and the attempt at father daughter closeness ended in disaster.

“Come on. I am going to take you to this hippie restaurant on 10th Street”.

This was a new frontier and I had now been baptized a hippie by Dad! This was an improvement in our relationship! Off he strode on the darkened streets to the East Village an area I had never been to up until that time. I was an Upper West Side girl living on 108th Street and Central Park West with a fiancee I never married. The Upper West had it’s own issues but still I was a bit scared wondering if we’d be okay getting to Avenue B and back in what was still the notorious Alphabet City. I drew the line at Fifth Avenue. I was amazed that Dad was taking me to this mysterious spot. When we arrived we found little tables outdoors with red candles providing only dim light in the pitch dark and ours kept blowing out. “Want to sit outside?” he asked me in his baritone voice and so we did. While I tried to read the menu Dad said,”So what are you going to get? The veggie burger?” I complied with a side of sweet potato fries. He ordered a coke with his vegetarian chile. We ate our meal in the darkness.  Asking me what I thought I said it was good while he strode back with me following along back to Greenwich Village before I’d catch the C train uptown. Dad had brought me to the location which would serve as inspiration for the play RENT. In subsequent years Life Cafe hosted annual RENT reunions for fans of the show. They even had a book folks could sign to show they had been there. Photographer Shell Sheddy had her post retrospective after party there having shown scads of her photos  next door at The Tompkins Square Library in the early 2000’s. These memories surfaced last night listening to David Life give a retrospective slide show of the


30 Years of JivaMukti Yoga School he co – founded with Sharon Gannon. Life is just so funny. That my path and destiny would criss cross and find a home of sorts at the school after they moved to their fourth or perhaps 5th location at 841 Broadway is something I could have never imagined. Their first big home was the gargantuan location on LaFayette near Houston where Crunch Fitness later took over. I remember they had a little juice bar there and that in and of itself was novel then. I mean it was weird!  David’s slideshow was full of humor and sprinkled with luminaries during the evolution of the school. Cultural trendsetters like Bill Laswell,Sting and the late Cheb i Sabbah coming to celebrate. A big deal. Like who cared about yoga really? Apparently enough people did to stand in line two blocks long to sign up for a class that wouldn’t happen till later that same day. I remember Simeon telling me about this and me just shaking my head. The system has improved since then but if New York meant lines, then lines meant yoga. Whenever Sharon see’s me she says “Don’t stop singing!” and I always promise her I won’t stop although she must know that sometimes I think I just will. I should make mention here that Sharon has a new cook book out called Simple Recipes for Joy. I scanned it and SIMPLE is the operative word.
The soups are many using a very spartan – the – ingredients – are- everything approach. Fresh. If you are intimidated by seasonings you won’t find anything complex here as Sharon uses some herbs, salt and pepper to season. It’s Vegan but do note that if you are gluten intolerant you will need to look elsewhere for entrees as wheat gluten is used a lot. The soups look delicious with the very red tomato soup on my list to try. The book is a kind of compilation of recipes that have been served in Sharon’s JivaMukTEA Cafe over the years as she contributes to the conversation on non violence to the animal kingdom. The glimpse of their All Species Parade with an absent minded interview by Alan Steinfeld was an evening highlight. This happening conceived by the duo was a kind of Mermaid Parade meets Howl! processional was just too much fun to watch. It’s sincerity and just straight up East Village kookiness is a reminder that the East Village grows things. It’s where I grew.

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!

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