January 7, 2018

Ekayani is the singularly-titled inspiration behind Yoga on the Dance Floor. Together with creative partner and electronic dance musician Tom Glide, they offer a music and dance experience that is on another level. She knows the lore behind the lyrics, and infuses everything she touches with spirit. You’ll want to download their entire album, or at least a track or two on iTunes, and tell your festival or event promoter friends about Ekayani and Yoga on the Dance Floor, and they will be thanking you for the hot tip after they book the hottest headliner their show has had in years.-By Mark, Concious Dancer Magazine Ekayani Vision & Voice of Yoga on the Dance Floor

Ekayani's Yoga on the Dance Floor

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!


Ekayani brings Reggae Beats to Encinitas October 6th

September 14, 2017

North County’s #1 Vegan Eatery Eve Encinitas Presents Ekayani – Buy tickets for Eve Encinitas Presents: EKAYANI (Dreams Come True Tour)

An evening of Reggae Beats and Vegan Eats and more! Pop, World, Reggae Dub, hints of Disco, this former Brooklyn résident and chanteuse happens to be a trilingual vocalist who sings in Sanskrit,Bengali and English with social credibility from the beloved San Francisco based DJ’s Cheb I Sabbah. Tickets are $15 to #justdance and $30 with a Dinner choice at the plant based Eatery EVE Encinitas! For more info check out the link to Brown Paper Tickets! It’s going to be an exciting night that is also friendly to children ten years and up. Date NIght booked – Kombucha on tap. Eve is located on 575 S Coast Highway near the Encinitas Coaster station.
P.S. Tickets will also be available at the door (on a first come first served basis).

Reggae Beats & Vegan Eats Encinitas

Ekayani welcomes everyone to an evening of sick music October 6 @ Eve Encinitas

Why Did You Come Here (Message from Oshun)

June 6, 2017

It was raining.


Oshun goddess of the fresh waters delivered the message to me from the other side.

Grabbing my keys, putting on my raincoat and grabbing my bike helmet I flew down the stairs to unlock my bicycle and peddle away to the “gira ” blessing ceremony. I didn’t know what to expect but had been obliged by Josefas  company so many times ,I was going. I thought of what Picasso had said that he felt he needed as many blessings as he could get.  When I arrived, I took a seat in a folding chair along the back wall not sure how long I’d have to wait. The initiates wearing all white were finishing up singing in what I assume was Portuguese with joy and energy.  After  they were reseated on the floor Josefa caught my attention by  waving her arms over her head. She beckoned me to come over to the circle. As I stood to wait my turn the usher asked me if I’d like to speak to a man or a woman. I’d prefer a woman I replied but what I didn’t say outloud was that I’d like to speak to Oshun. Oshun was the presiding diety in this gira and was also standing in the circle ready to give counsel to anyone who needed it. The woman who was carrying the mantle of Oshun this  day  was tall, very skinny and wearing aqua green and blue beaded headdress appropriate for the goddess. I was ushered directly to her.

“Are you alright?” She asked me via a translator.

Chuckling to myself with the understanding that “seeing” the unseen was her skill I replied that I was fine but that I’d just seen my mother.

She explained to me that my mother and I were linked through my hands. She was in my heart always. She added that  I’d be a good mother because she’d been a good mother to me. She made it clear that my message was that I had to let go of the past and in this letting go my mother’s spirit would be my guide. The easiest way to receive that guidance would be to go to the ocean and sit in a meditative state while looking at the horizon. That way my mother could easily  convey to me what I needed to do via my mind and my heart. She repeated that I needed to completely let go of the past. I was pretty amazed. And so after returning home I called another dear friend Barry S. and asked him if we could go to the beach Tuesday morning as my mother needed to tell me something. Without blinking he said “sure”  and picked me up bright and early Tuesday morning. We drove quickly  to the Rockaways a mere 25 minutes away with no traffic. The Rockaways are a stretch of beach on the Brooklyn Queens border of New York City. That beach and its next door neighbor Riis Park were long time recreation spots for my family while growing up.

After setting up camp, I told Barry I was going to go meditate. I found a little spot, sat  cross legged and gazed out at the horizon. I said out loud “Okay Mom, what did you want to tell me?” And after a couple of minutes it became apparent. Leave New York to go live with your grandfather in Arizona and do it quickly. In case that wasn’t crystal clear to me, my mother shoved me not once but three times walking past her photo in the living room set up in memoriam to her. The first time I was surprised but by the third time I said loudly “Alright! Alright! I get the message, I’m going!” And go I did. After wrapping up my affairs, hiring a moving company to pick up my belongings on October 30th just a day ahead of the NYC marathon I was on a plane Monday,  November 16, 2015 arriving in my grandfathers living room in the two bedroom two bath apartment he’d gotten for us in Tempe, Arizona. Freshly sprung out of the “old folks home” where he didn’t belong, he was living independently again. I got there just in time. He’d make his great transition one month and three days after my arrival. I got to see with my own two eyes his soul leave his body encased in a watery mist like vapor just as I’ve heard it described in the Vedas. Can I tell you how  glad I am that I listened  to my mother? It’s clear now that he was waiting for me.  He had  hinted that to me without me catching on. After all as far as I was concerned  he was going to live forever! Later when speaking with Anne, I learned that Yogananda would either give his students a hearty shove if he felt they needed to get moving or a hug. Apparently my mother had learned well at her teachers feet.

Why Did You Come Here (I’m not dead)

June 6, 2017
Lee Chamberlin

My mother surrounded by her teacher Yogananda and other beloved personalities garlanded with her beads. This  photo sat on the desk in the living room at 123 Russell Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Answers in life are many layered. Life is never ending. I’m going back in time to a moment in September 2015 after I’d returned from celebrating Grandfathers 114th birthday in Chandler, Arizona.  It was an incredible milestone for an amazing man full of self discipline on all matters of health with an ongoing appetite and curiosity for knowledge about fruits, berries, vegetables and all of Natures bounty  that keeps the body healthy. “Remember this: Always make health your first priority “.  And after living over a century by that credo he was very self aware. He had been asking me for some time, and especially after his daughters passing at the young age of 76, if I’d come out and live with him. I’d been hedging. I didn’t want to say no but I wasn’t sure I could say yes. What exactly would I be doing in Arizona?

One day my dear friend Josefa Vincent invited me to a blessing ceremony. She explained I was to come in the afternoon around 4pm to an event space conveniently located just 7 blocks  away in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Being tired from moonlighting the night before I decided to take a nap beforehand as to be alert. And so I lay down and closed my eyes. My experience unfolded. I got up to walk towards the front of the apartment towards the kitchen walking past the photograph of Mom surrounded by her favorite personalities. It’s  a favorite photo as her radiant smile shines brightly. But imagine how surprised I was when I saw my mother standing with my sister in law in the passageway leading out towards the corridor. (She’d passed away in May of 2014).  Mom looked great. Wearing a signature head scarf (Gucci) she was dressed in casual grey slacks and a very chic Norma Kamali rain coat that had a grey white hue with multiple pockets made from parachute material. She appeared as she did in her thirties though a bit pale. I thought,  ” If I’d been through everything she’s just gone through I’d be pale too!”  And this is where it gets funny. As I rocked backwards almost fainting from surprise Lee said, ” There’s been a mistake, I’m not dead.  I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about this before or it wouldn’t have worked. ” I was slack jawed.  My sister in law, more dimuniative in height then the both  of us then proceeded to picked me up with supernatural strength and set me back down. I kept walking, completely speechless.  Seamlessly, I  was  standing on the landing with Mom and my brother standing behind her. As was my mother’s custom “in real life” she apologized again. She’d always do this if she thought she’d wronged me in some way which I always thought was ridiculous because really my mother has never wronged me. She said, ” I’m sorry we couldn’t tell you before. It wouldn’t have worked!”  We?  I glanced at my sibling with a  telepathic questioning.  ” You knew about this?”  His look was a “Yeah”.  as he shrugged his shoulders casually. Brothers. Now overjoyed, I bent over mother and gave her a warm hug while blurting out;

” I’m really happy to see you again but unfortunately I have an appointment and if I don’t leave right now I’m going to be late!” I let go of Mom who looked at me with surprise. This was classic me and her. I rushed back to my bedroom to grab my house keys off the hook I always kept them on. A Tibetan man was sleeping on the floor wrapped in a blanket. I exclaimed “I’m very sorry but you can’t stay here anymore! My mother’s back and she needs a place to stay!” And I ran to the door…

And then I woke up. Sitting straight up in bed I marveled at the “Realness” of the exchange I just had but couldn’t help wondering why Mom was wearing a raincoat? Checking the hour, I realized I had just enough time to make it to the blessing. As I was planning on riding my bike, I glanced out the windows to check the weather.

It was raining.

Why Did You Come Here (Sedona A Sign Post)

June 5, 2017

IMG_4699After running out of money about  three and a half weeks before I was to leave Arizona to go to Los Angeles, I had with some apprehension accepted an offer from an old acquaintance to stay in their  guest house on expansive property in mystical Sedona. It was an offer that I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to act on but reality said otherwise. Between funds, I had no way to pay through the end of April for the hideout I’d been renting from a very gracious friend who had been an angel through every trial I’d been through that began in January of 2016 which involved a lot of moving . I couldn’t see imposing any longer and honestly I didn’t know which way to turn. I’d had enough of the dust and lonely days in a town that was about to climb to temperatures exceeding 100F. I was exhausted. Hoping  for the best,  I met my hosts in Scottsdale thinking I’d return to the valley a day before my flight to California to store away anything I couldn’t fit in one very small suitcase. After  a lovely dinner, we  made the ascent to Red Rock country.  I had packed a little cardboard box with papers and art supplies as all I was seeking was quiet refuge to work on a book I had begun on my Grandfather’s life just weeks before. Well stocked ,I had two bags of groceries ,my small suitcase and a small garment bag in case I needed a coat for  variable weather. My intention  was to  be the perfect guest. I’d be  invisibly tucked away making my own meals and keeping myself busy writing only showing myself once a week just to express gratitude. My hosts were married and had better things to do then entertain a grieving and rattled houseguest. It was the perfect arrangement with the expanse of sky and breathtaking landscape with Bell Rock, Ship Rock  providing a balm to my soul. But signs and a signpost soon appeared that indicated my sojourn would be very brief.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why Did You Come Here

May 30, 2017


Why did you come here? How did you end up here? 

This is a question I’ve been asked many times since my arrival in what is fondly known as North County one year ago this May 2017.

After my grandfather died I found myself living in a dusty little town in Arizona about 30 minutes outside the Phoenix city limits. My dear mother had died a year and a half before in May 2014.  Thankfully, I had arrived in Tempe just a month and three days before he made his great transition.  It was a blessing to have him as a grandfather for so many decades and it was a gift to be with him as his soul left his body.

Still I was lonely and grieving. It became  my custom to sit with them both at the shrine I had created for them in a small alcove off the room I slept in. I had a few cherished photos and so I’d come home, light a candle for them, prepare a simple meal for myself and then sit with them while I ate telling them about my day and how things were going sorting out affairs.  This evening ritual brought me comfort and helped me to perceive their presence,  particularly my grandfather’s presence while I was in a waking state.

My mother was different in her communication methods. She’d shove me, guide my selections with things pertaining to her,  speak to me through water and through dreams. On her birthday, which falls on Valentine’s Day , I got her a card with flowers drawn on it  and bought her chocolates in a heart shaped box.  Singing her Happy Birthday to you! I read her the card and told her how much I loved her. Giving my mother hearts on her birthday was a birthday tradition I’d invented for her since I began to think autonomously at 8 and I wasn’t going to stop now.  In that seemingly endless non life  in a hot desert town, I went to bed tired and sad about to get a glimpse of my future life. Suddenly I was seeing  icy turquoise blue water while a steady breeze blowed against my face and body. As I took in my surroundings I realized I was standing next to a fir tree on a bluff. To my left the seashore curved south caressing a white sand  beach. As I gazed in wonder a pink frangipani floated from right to left in the water before my eyes. Where was I ?

As my internet search would reveal I had been at Swami’s, a beach popular with surfers so  named for Paramahamsa Yogananda who happened to be my mother’s guru. He had  established  a center of meditation next door with a temple situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the 1930’s. The Self Realization Fellowship was something that had been a part of my mother’s life everyday ,twice a day for 26 years. Now it all became clear! Of course! Mom  knew I’d stay more easily focused on my spiritual life  there with the bike paths, farmers markets and water – all aspects of life I loved.  We used to have a running joke about her taking me to the beach when I visited  her during a holiday when she was residing in Santa Monica around 2004.

Armed with a plane ticket I departed Arizona for California about six weeks later.  The day I left Los Angeles after a music conference to board a train southward was full of anticipation and anxiety. So many aspects of my life seemed up in the air. I had nothing to go on but faith and courage to literally follow my dream. I can tell you today that listening to your mother is a good idea. I’m here now living a happily ever after ready to perform and explore more deeply the music close to my soul.  I’m just full of emotion.



“NuYoga” goes NuDisco: LW Recordings Features Here’s the Light

March 22, 2016

945250_10201452693235631_1368063711239139806_nEkayani Spring Release 2016 for the anthem that just keeps shining.  EKAYANI’S feel good track “Here’s The Light (T-Groove Remix)” is featured on the UK dance label LW Recordings compilation album Nothing But…Nu-Disco Volume 9 

For Our Japanese Friends here is the the translation!

Armin van BuurenやYoji Biomehanikaなどのエレクトロ系の作品を集めたコンピを大量にリリースしているイギリスのダンスレーベル LW Recordingsのコンピ「Nothing But…Nu-Disco Volume 9」に、Ekayani 「Here’s The Light (T-Groove Remix)」が収録されました。ほんと言うと、こういうのが発売されてたなんて知らなかったです。。。(笑)
The 22 cut album is available on Traxsource and Beatport

Your Free Download is Here: Sceptical C Reworks Here’s the Light

January 5, 2016

In love and appreciation please enjoy your FREE  REWORK  of Ekayani’s Here’s the Light by DJ Sceptical C whose percussive energetic start gets you moving immediately ! From Curacao “C” is based in the Netherlands he was recently  featured artist  on WBAI’s “From the Sound: Board ADE Adventure” Lights!  Horns! Percussion!  – Get ready to sweat and be lifted up in this thoughtful reworking of a great track! Happy New Year!! #techno #house #hottracks

2015 in Review Looking back Stepping forward

January 2, 2016

photo JF Bourke

Since the release of Ekayani’s “Here’s the Light” Video and Single in Brooklyn and Amsterdam it’s been a dizzying last quarter of the year full of travel fueled by  music with an avalanche of awards, REMIXES and recognition on charts at home and abroad and we mean all over the place. Here is the recap working from the most recent to the latest of what’s happened in a fast paced 3 months. Happy 2016 folks!!

New Century Music and Video Awards Brings the Coals to Newcastle

On December 24, 2015 Ekayani’s “Eye Chant” from her enduring classic Yoga on the Dance Floor was awarded Best Heatseeker Devotional Music Track! As far as we know this is a new category that Ekayani has inspired and it dawns on us that rewarding universal loving music isn’t a bad idea in an age of dark materialism.

Ekayani's Yoga on the Dance Floor

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now!

Get it on Traxsource

Ekayani’s Best Performance is Money to Burn

For it’s blazing trail through the underground house music radio network pushed primarily by DJ Greg Anderson out of Long Branch, New Jersey who is completely international with his FOLB broadcasts in Spain, South Africa, Greece, France, Brazil ,  UK and the good ole USA-  Bodhi Satva’s Money to Burn Ancestral Mix helped garner Ekayani Best Electronica House Music Performance. It’s people like DJ Greg that make life as smooth as glass sometimes. The  Amazon is on on Amazon UK

Boddhisattva's Ancestral Soul Mix

aannnnnd! After being nominated for Best Video of the Year up against Billboard Top 25 songstress Sariah, Here’s the Light  won! Check it out! Again! Its got 75  Take a Walk Through Brooklyn with Ekayani

So What Happened in November 2015? EKAYANI EP COVER 1400x1400 THE LIGHT FINAL BW COVER

November 2 was the release date of Here’s the Light 2015 Remixes EP. Ahead of the remix pack was  Yuki “T- Groove” Takahashi disco mix getting considerable airplay and a viral thumbs up from Fabio Negri’s Weekly Mix Tape out of Italy on POP station Vertigo One. This is a track that ran all the way into December 2015 with Reggie Johnson’s “From the Sound Board” on WBAI showing  Yuki love and the jolly  Ian Jon introducing it to his followers @SolarRadio UK giving it play on his Christmas special December 23. Buy we are getting ahead of ourselves. In the Netherlands on Saturday, November 7, 2015 Ekayani’s Single “Here’s the Light” continued it’s ascension into the stratosphere by ranking at #82 above musical legend James Taylor (who ranked #83 for “Stretch of the Highway”) and one ranking down from COLDPLAY (#81 for “Adventure of a Lifetime”). PICA, a Netherlands based promotional and touring company in its 38th year of existence publishes Hit Tracks Top 100 every Saturday.  Meanwhile back in New York in a time warp kind of a way, Ekayani was on the couch as a returning guest on November 7  edition of Legends TV talking about her successes and her late beloved grandfather.’s  pretty funny. Listen in on MIXCLOUD

Back to October  2015  Here’s the Light Dual launch Brooklyn & Amsterdam Dance Event


Muchmores in Williamsburgh was the launch party  screening for Ekayani’s home based Brooklyn supporters before jetting off to Amsterdam with mad support from The English Breakfast Radio Show on Lennii Razzman’s Megalo Mondays, Amsterdam’s Most Wanted Underground Radio Show and JAMMFM.NL always smooth and funky show and the Varsana Shop.We’d also like to thank the 42 Annual Halloween Parade in New York City for honoring Ekayani with a VERY VIP pass to view the parade. Halloween

2016 Stepping into more light and travels…

The future holds another fabulous interpretion from TECHNO  composer and DJ Sceptical C  out of the NL I am looking forward to returning and recording in the land of tulips and bicycles.








Here’s the Light Wins Best Video of the Year 2015

December 20, 2015

Washington Street in DUMBO the iconic backdrop for Ekayani’s towering appearance in her smash hit video



Ekayani and her producer Tom Glide


John Francis Bourke in Vinegar Hill

Shot entirely in Brooklyn the award winning video was Directed by John -Francis Bourke, the original song penned by Ekayani with music by Tom Glide was released on TGEE Records October 2, 2015 and has gained international support with airplay and video views in the UK NL Italy USA appealing to a wide swath of Indie Pop fans. Known for singing about meditative topics with danceable grooves TGEE Records has released Ekayani’s companion EP with new cuts by an international cast of Remixers: From Tokyo, Yuki T – Groove Takahashi’s  disco mix is very popular, followed by South Africa’s Beat Pharmacy’s The Echologist Dub running close behind. Contributions by UK drummer Andrew McGuinness,the Original NY Dub Mix and Radio Edits for Radio Disc Jockeys are included.EPCover15Check that out on AMAZON and leave a review!


Still by John Francis Bourke Extraordinary editing by Clinton Querci 

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