Ekayani’s “Here’s the Light” Surpasses James Taylor on PICA NL Hit Tracks Top 100 – Go On Girl!

November 8, 2015

James-TaylorOn Saturday November 7, 2015 Ekayani’s Single “Here’s the Light” continued it’s ascension into the stratosphere by ranking at #82 above musical legend James Taylor (who ranked #83 for “Stretch of the Highway”)  and one ranking down from COLDPLAY  (#81 for “Adventure of a Lifetime”). Brooklyn based singer songwriter Ekayani has found herself an “Indie Pop Sensation”  as of late and the proof is she is giving long time commercial successes a run for the money getting heavy rotation on POP stations throughout Europe and Canada.  PICA, a Netherlands based promotional and touring company in its 38th year of existence publishes Hit Tracks Top 100 every Saturday. Download Ekayani’s Feel good track  “Here’s the Light” from TGEE Records  on ITunes here now  E48To See PICA NL FULL Chart Go Here>>>>>   2015.46 – Hit-Tracks Top 100Coldplay #81

Interview with JAMMFM.NL Ekayani talks with Daniel Zondervan in Amsterdam at Urban Cacao

November 2, 2015

Ekayani sat down with JAMMFM’s Daniel Zondervan on October 15  for an extended interview during her trip during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015. JAMMFM format is “Always Smooth and Funky” “New Yoga”, her new status as in Indie Pop sensation, the “relaxing and energizing” effect of her voice and music, it’s origins, her approach , her  history in music (specifically Yoga on the Dance Floor), her views on politics, health, water, and sustainability. Special Thanks to the lovely staff at Urban Cacao. Listen in on Soundcloud now. Her NEW REMIXES 2015 EP is available for Pre Order on Amazon now 

Amazon UK Pre Order for Ekayani’s Here’s the Light REMIXES 2015

Out Now! Pre Order EKAYANI EP Here’s the Light Fall REMIXES 2015

November 2, 2015

Ekayani ‘s lead single Here’s the Light  (TGEE Records UK)  has spawned ‪#‎Rock‬ ‪#‎Dub‬! #‎Disco #NYDub ‬and ‪#‎Radio‬ Edit REMIXES as Radio stations continue to play the track in Europe. Just as it’s getting dark Here’s the Light appears with Yuki T Groove, The Echologist &  Andrew McGuiness contributing an extended drum version. Begin PRE ORDERING the Extended Player today! 6 tracks of “Here’s the LIGHT” via Amazon UK check it out buy share and comment http://amzn.to/1MAZ3cA


Pre Order on AMAZON now! https://youtu.be/dcKozySDdMc

The stunning video directed by John – Francis Bourke is ” a BIG feel good track by the angelic Ekayani. Take her hand and let her guide you to joy…”  DJ Lemony Lennii Razman , The EBRS Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About That Brooklyn Indie Pop Sensation EKAYANI…

October 7, 2015
Brooklyn Indie Pop Sensation EKAYANI's NEW Single Here's the Light is available everywhere from TGEE Records

Brooklyn Indie Pop Sensation EKAYANI’s NEW Single Here’s the Light is available everywhere from TGEE Records

Ekayani is a multidimensional gifted performer.  Her latest single the Indie Pop Sensation, “Here’s the Light” is a soothing, eclectic blend of pop-meets- primal vibrations and is an undeniable crossover hit.  The video, directed by John- Francis Bourke for the single has been nominated for the 2015 Video of the Year Award which is garnering great praise and will be screening in Amsterdam this month during the Amsterdam Dance Event Thursday, October 15 at Varsana Shop,  Prisengracht 100 HS from 18:00 – 19:00 hours.  Radio play is also in heavy rotation in Amsterdam on JAMMFM.NL, public access SALTO.NL The English Breakfast Radio Show, Italy (Vertigo One web radio, and Montreal (Indie Pop Weekly with Diane Facshing). The single from TGEE Records is available on iTunes https://t.co/E1A3a5dEXT , Amazon http://amzn.to/1FX0r69 , Amazon UK, JUNO http://bit.ly/1L00uNC and Google Play https://t.co/zsrTu3MHTf  and a hundred other digital sites.

Past Discography: Ekayani is a tri-lingual vocalist and has brilliantly showcased her ability with long-time collaborator, UK based French producer , composer Tom Glide (TGEE Records) . Their brainchild, “Yoga on The Dance Floor”, has been praised by critics worldwide.  Hailed as the “Funky Goddess of House Music”, she interweaves songs and chants in Bengali, Sanskrit and English with chill Brazilian rhythms and world class electronica; providing a perfect vehicle for yogi’s and newbies to “let loose – peacefully”.  “Yoga on the Dance Floor” continues to played and performed globally on TV, radio broadcasts, podcasts, night clubs, yoga studios and festivals.  

Ekayani is the daughter of the late beloved actress and director, Lee Chamberlin (CTW, The Electric Company, and ABC’s All My Children) and the granddaughter of super centenarian, Bernando LaPallo, author of “Beyond 100”.  She is a native New Yorker currently residing in Brooklyn and Arizona.

Visit http://www.TGEERecords.co.UK

Foodie Alert! Grown in Brooklyn to Cater Here’s the Light Video & EP Release!

September 9, 2015

Do you like food? Delicious thoughtful hand crafted food that might just be legendary yet refreshingly unpretentious? Well then! You need to put on your dancing shoes &  purchase your tickets for the October 1, 2015 Screening on Here’s the Light Autumn Remix release for recording artist Ekayani right now! Barry Schwartz the “sensei of tempeh” of Barry’s Tempeh and co founder of Grown in Brooklyn has generously volunteered his time and energy to include a delicious protein packed  tempeh creation with a side of his special sauce for the price of admission ($10). “What?”  you say! You cant believe your good fortune? Stay fortunate and  don’t delay because the venue MuchMore’s is kinda small. Barry is cutting off the snacks at 30. Heres the event flyer and the purchase http://bit.ly/1ObLOO4  And NO! He won’t be in Amsterdam.


Stop the Press! Launch Party October 1 Here’s the Light

August 2, 2015
Ekayani by John Francis Bourke

Ekayani by John Francis Bourke

Brooklyn, NY
Ekayani and TGEE Records are happy to announce!
The EP and Video Launch Party for Here’s the Light Remixes the junior follow up to “Yoga on the Dance Floor” that 124 to 130 BPM House Music Up tempo downtempo Sanskrit Bengali mantra party record (Yes its on iTunes!) is Happening October 1, 2015 at MUCHMORES the quirky lovable cafe,bar,with a laundromat at 2 Havemayer Street where Williamsburg and Greenpoint blend.Save the Date!Thursday 10/1 from 7-9PM
Got that? Good.

You’re Such a Tease
For the blogosphere check out this Coming Attractions Teaser of Ekayani walking the streets of Brooklyn, looming large while singing to herself about the marvel of mercy, enlightment, meditation, kindness and liberty. I request you to keep sharing. Thank you very much and see you at the Par- Tay! House Music Pop Music from the Soul

Weekly Series – Here’s the Light REMIX – About Yoga on the Dance Floor

April 27, 2015

Here’s the Light is Track 6 of Yoga on the Dance Floor (TGEE Records)


A personal favorite of mine, it has a storied history starting in Paris during my hunger years. Times were rough for me living on next to nothing in the City of Light since working as a model was whimsical to say the least; Feast of Famine ya know? If I wasn’t in line with the trend of the season I wasn’t working and that was a stretch that lasted months. One particularly bleak Christmas was spent alone in my rental on the Rue Alexandre Dumas.  I was in a state of turmoil and desperation. My mind was swirling with negativity. My body was awash in it and I was far away from my family. Very far. What had I gotten myself into pursuing the glamorous life as a fashion model in Paris? I was broke and I was in over my head. It was that moment that we all face, some earlier than others, when you understand that even your family cannot help you as they are also facing difficulties. In one fell swoop the protection that can be afforded in childhood was ripped away. I was  exposed to the harsh realities of life made even harsher by being a foreigner in a foreign land. In the Srimad – Bhagavatam compiled by Srila Vysadeva, the people we grow dependent on are called fallible soldiers. But as it often happens in the darkest of times, the wise words of a friend or your mother comes ringing in your head and heart. This time it wasn’t my mother but a friend who was a yogi. He told me that I could stop the cycle of depression and worry through some simple postures and breathing exercises even before getting out of bed in the morning. This breathing didn’t even have to be elaborate like “breathe of fire” a rapid succession of breathes from the diaphragm.  Just being aware of my breathing while allowing any negative thoughts pass just like clouds in the sky.  I sat on the floor of my spare room and left in silence for hours as I watched the sun rise and set I finally lit a candle.  The candle shone in the darkness for me as my breathing found it’s cadence helping to still my mind. In the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna tells Sri Krsna that controlling the mind seems as impossible as controlling the wind. The Lord replies that it is indeed difficult but that with suitable practice it can be done and should be done as the the uncontrolled mind is the souls worst enemy or it’s best friend if properly trained. Concentrating on my navel where  energy or “prana” of the Universe lay like an energetic connection, an invisible umbilical chord to my Mother and Father. I gradually began to tap into an intuition that would guide me past many a close call and provide me with a feeling of serenity. This is how my faith in myself and the Power that lay inside me began to grow and flourish. It’s why I wrote my love song “Here’s the Light” for Caita Guru, the Living Teacher who never leaves me. Or you.

VIDEO PROJECT: I am running a campaign now to shoot a REMIX Music Video of this heart felt track now through May 30, 2015 with JF BOURKE. Thanks for helping anyway you can. We are off to a great start!

CONTRIBUTE HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ekayani-here-s-the-light-remix-video-production/x/3146074

WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/ThdZXZSLQQQ

Get the Dub Version Here: 

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Weekly Series – Pophelia – About Yoga on the Dance Floor

April 13, 2015

Pophelia-Track number 7 from Yoga on the Dance Floor (TGEE Records) is the REMIX by Tom Glide of my original song “Ophelia Drowns”. I think of it as the sister track to “Here’s the Light”. It was written as a prayer to reach a friend whom I couldn’t reach via normal channels of communication. It deals with intuition,the dark side of intuition, meaning how we lose our way by not listening. Our icon Ophelia, the sweet princess who drowned in the current of the waters of life waiting for prince Hamlet who simply betrayed her, was a stand in for a friend who wound up having a nervous breakdown spending some weeks in a hospital. Having spent herself and all her energies and all her health on an employer that was beyond demanding she wound up in dire straights of her own choosing by not choosing herself. Why did this happen? Well when you ignore that inner voice that urges you to move on,to take care of your body and mind you end up in a pickle.Understand that your boss is never going to care about you the way you will care about yourself.Insist on pushing yourself for an illusory reward of a badge of honor that does not exist and you end up with shattered nerves, a broken spirit and an exhausted body. No direct conversations, no logic or pleading was going to change this friends mind or heart so I did the only thing I could do: I wrote a prayer in the form of a song and offered it to the invisible realm asking for intercession. This song appeared on another project called FULL LENGTH in an accapela version with only the sound of a conch shell opening the track three times in succession. Why a conch? In the Bhagavad Gita As It Is on Chapter 1 (Observing the Armies) translated by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami there is this description:

Lord Krsna blew His conchshell called the Panchajanya;Arjuna blew his,the Devadatta:and Bhima,the voracious eater and performer of herculean tasks, blew his terrific conch shell,called Paundra.King Yudhistira,the son of Kunti,blew his conch shell,the Ananta-vijaya,and Nakula and Sahadeva blew the Sughosa and Manipuspaka….The blowing of these different conch shells became uproarious. Vibrating in both sky and on the earth, it shattered the hearts of the sons of Dhtrarastra.

PURPORT: When Bhisma and the others on the side of Duryodhana blew their conch shells, there was no heartbreaking on the part of the Pandavas. Such occurrences are not mentioned, but in this particular verse it is mentioned that the hearts of the sons of Dhrtarastra were shattered by the sounds vibrated by the Pandavas’ party. This is due to the Pandavas and their confidence and their confidence in Lord Krsna. One who takes shelter of the Supreme Lord has nothing to fear, even in the midst of the greatest calamity.


At the core of it was my  question:
What would have happened if Ophelia had listened to herself instead of lies and degrading talk? What if she had swapped the Prince for wisdom? I wanted to draw a parallel in POPhelia between following the external and being strung along by false promises (maya) all the while putting on a brave front that no chick I know has actually ever gotten a medal for. I wanted to invoke the sound of the Transcendental realm to wake up her heart. The conch serves to inspire to victory and a Transcendent one dovetailed in connection with the Lord the source of all strength, ability and knowing. Throw off your shackles and pursue what you know deep in your heart is your true calling and damn the enemy. Damn the enemy which is your own fear of being yourself.

” How now Ophelia? What’s the matter now? Ophelia’s been broken by a brokers vow”.

Ekayani and the Healing Band copyright 2004/5 Healing Band Music Publishing (ASCAP) http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ekayani3

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Weekly Series – A Yoga Farm Retreat – Inner Meaning of Bhakti Manifest – Jaya

March 30, 2015


Gita Nagari should be looked upon as a model for modern farming. Based in spirituality, what is cultivated is much more than a product.The devotees put their love into everything they do and it shows. Harnessing the personal relationship with God is the purpose of the day. This can be cultivated in the yoga studio which is wonderful, peaceful, and quiet. It is a place that nurtures and fosters all life. The deep respect for God’s creation is shown in everything from the food you eat to the sustainability of the farm itself. Happy people, happy cows, happy life!

– Jarrod Byrne Mayer Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Brooklyn


Jessica W, Community Leader, South Bronx

For me the Gita Nagari farm is a model to follow. The people that live and work the farm are so nurturing and hospitable.The animals are friendly and happy. The landscape is magical, fresh and open for exploration. Everything from the food, to planting seeds and sharing conversation with one another is done with compassion and humility. My favorite part was the cow sanctuary – where else in America could you find that? You guessed it, here at the Gita Nagari farm. The visit opened a channel to many possibilities and opportunities for me. I learned that nothing is impossible as long as you do it with love. The Gita Nagari farm needs you to continue its legacy and share its harvest. Let’s cultivate more stories and experiences together with their happy cows!



Refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring. No matter where you come from- reconnect with fresh air, fresh food, and fresh perspective. My visit opened my eyes to possibility. Gita Nagari is a place where sustainability and love work. I learned so much about the gifts of nature and power of intention. We are the change- and the lovely folks at Gita Nagari are living proof. I truly look forward to my next visit and hope many more join to be a part of the success of this amazing endeavor.

– Melody B, Brooklyn
CanIComeInPeacockLOL (photo credits to Melody B and M. Andreo)

Oh I am so glad we all made it on this retreat to the yoga farm for the Spring Equinox! We went through contrasts of snow to sunny weather and everything was magical.This is a place where the residents endeavor to live in the same way as Lord Krsna does in His manifest past times on earth in the village of Vrindavan in North India and in His original abode in Goloka Vrndavana. In particular, it was when I was walking along the creek that runs alongside the woods with my god sister (who is appropriately named Yamuna) that I remembered this wonderful passage in the Bhagavatam;Lord Krsna is walking along the Yamuna river in a kind of reverie appreciating His own creation. He is admiring the trees for their tolerance and kindness never turning anyone away that might need shade while bearing the scorching heat themselves. As He walks along the embankment enjoying the fragrant breezes in the forest and the songs of the birds, Krsna demonstrates for us the profound joy of living in harmony with nature. The song Jaya (Radha Madhava) from Yoga on the Dance Floor (TGEE Records) is an ode to this Divine Life that God prefers: to be a cowherd boy that protects cows and bulls held in esteem like a family member, spending lots of time outside in fresh air, eating delicious home cooked picnic lunches prepared by his Mom and exploring and playing with His friends everyday. What a life! The “Sacred Cow” part of the retreat was a revelation to our visitors for the profound peace both man and animal in all forms of life feel on the farm free to go their way unharmed. In my bossa nova rendition that I am happy to say is a favorite of that tough cookie DJ Joe DiPadova (Deeper Shades) written by Vaisnava scholar and saint Bhaktivinoda Thakur who lived in the 19th century I sing;

jaya rādhā-mādhava kuñja-bihārī
gopī-jana-vallabha giri-vara-dhārī
yaśodā-nandana braja-jana-rañjana

Krsna is the lover of Radha.He displays many amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana. He is the lover of the cowherd maidens of Vraja, and the holder of the great hill named Govardhana.
He is the beloved son of mother Yasoda, the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja, and He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna!

My Version Here: http://www.traxsource.com/track/1899890/jaya-radha-madhava-original-mix

Srila Prabhupada said that this song is “a picture of Vrndavana. Everything is there–Srimati Radharani, Vrndavana, Govardhana, Yasoda, and all the cowherd boys.” Did you know that you can be transported to this dimension right now by downloading this track and dancing in your living room? Because there is no difference between hearing Transcendental sound vibration describing the spiritual dimension and being there simply by opening your heart and ears wide you will be transported to the banks of the river Yamuna while dancing in ecstasy with your longtime forgotten friends.They are just waiting for you to come back! There is no place like home. http://www.traxsource.com/track/1899890/jaya-radha-madhava-original-mix

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Weekly Series – Eye Chant- Yoga on the Dance Floor

March 26, 2015

“Eye Chant” is predominantly in English with a Sanskrit mantra backing it up at the end of the track specifically “Hare Rama”. o-RICHARD-SIMMONS-TEDMED-2013-facebookAn unapologetic House music workout for the dance floor a la Richard Simmons,you will be moved to get right into moving after the opening invocation. The premise of the track is simple: What does one do when one simply does not know what to do anymore? In a society that praises action over thought and a false self reliance that is isolating, this track is asking you to slow down, admit your helplessness in the midst of a crisis large or small and turn to a friend that may be invisible to your eyes but not to your ears. In fact, this song is the embodiment of the core practice in bhakti yoga which is to chant and hear the names of God turning to that name for help and shelter in a crazy world where people fail you,things fail you and your best efforts fall apart.The stress!It is a nudge to call upon Divine Sound.The Sound Incarnation of the Lord at the end of the track is the portion of the 16 syllable maha mantra (great mantra) “Hare Rama”.Stop being such a busy body and call on your Mother.

When I don’t know what to do, I chant! When I don’t know who to talk to, I chant! When I don’t know who to turn to, I chant!

This Divine Feminine or the Lord’s Internal Energy is technically known as Hladini Shakti or Srimati Radharani Herself. This is the inside ring,that fireside chat,the soothing stroke to your furrowed brow and troubled heart,the hope when there is none left,the struggle beyond the struggle as “Eye Chant” is asking you to connect through your heart via the medium of your ears. When will you stop doing doing doing and start listening to higher love,a higher voice and a higher wisdom? Check out this article I found from from my old friend Madhyama Devi that I knew back in my Philly days when I lived and served in the ashram there located in Mount Airy.She was always good at explaining things.This dates from 1983 (I moved in in 1982) and it’s just as sharp today as it was then.
Why and How To Chant Hare Krsna http://backtogodhead.in/why-and-how-to-chant-hare-krsna-by-madhyama-devi-dasi/

I leave you with these exuberant reflections and one of several links where Eye Chant appears.This one on TRAXSOUCE for real house music! Get your own download of Eye Chant to enjoy this exuberant and loud exhortation to get quiet and meditate now! Get Eye Chant on TRAXSOURCE

Ekayani's Yogaonthe Dance Floor has expanded to these fine outlets. Get it now!

Ekayani’s Yogaonthe Dance Floor has expanded to these fine outlets. Get it now!


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