“NuYoga” goes NuDisco: LW Recordings Features Here’s the Light

March 22, 2016

945250_10201452693235631_1368063711239139806_nEkayani Spring Release 2016 for the anthem that just keeps shining.  EKAYANI’S feel good track “Here’s The Light (T-Groove Remix)” is featured on the UK dance label LW Recordings compilation album Nothing But…Nu-Disco Volume 9 

For Our Japanese Friends here is the the translation!

Armin van BuurenやYoji Biomehanikaなどのエレクトロ系の作品を集めたコンピを大量にリリースしているイギリスのダンスレーベル LW Recordingsのコンピ「Nothing But…Nu-Disco Volume 9」に、Ekayani 「Here’s The Light (T-Groove Remix)」が収録されました。ほんと言うと、こういうのが発売されてたなんて知らなかったです。。。(笑)
The 22 cut album is available on Traxsource and Beatport
Traxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/573777/nothing-but-nu-disco-vol-9
Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/nothing-but-nu-disco-vol-9/1697247

Your Free Download is Here: Sceptical C Reworks Here’s the Light

January 5, 2016

In love and appreciation please enjoy your FREE  REWORK  of Ekayani’s Here’s the Light by DJ Sceptical C whose percussive energetic start gets you moving immediately ! From Curacao “C” is based in the Netherlands he was recently  featured artist  on WBAI’s “From the Sound: Board ADE Adventure” Lights!  Horns! Percussion!  – Get ready to sweat and be lifted up in this thoughtful reworking of a great track! Happy New Year!! #techno #house #hottracks

2015 in Review Looking back Stepping forward

January 2, 2016

photo JF Bourke

Since the release of Ekayani’s “Here’s the Light” Video and Single in Brooklyn and Amsterdam it’s been a dizzying last quarter of the year full of travel fueled by  music with an avalanche of awards, REMIXES and recognition on charts at home and abroad and we mean all over the place. Here is the recap working from the most recent to the latest of what’s happened in a fast paced 3 months. Happy 2016 folks!!

New Century Music and Video Awards Brings the Coals to Newcastle

On December 24, 2015 Ekayani’s “Eye Chant” from her enduring classic Yoga on the Dance Floor was awarded Best Heatseeker Devotional Music Track! As far as we know this is a new category that Ekayani has inspired and it dawns on us that rewarding universal loving music isn’t a bad idea in an age of dark materialism.

Ekayani's Yoga on the Dance Floor

Ekayani grew up to be a singer. Her album Yoga on the Dance Floor is available on all fine digital sites Now! http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-On-The-Dancefloor-Ekayani/dp/B00MFDCRFG

Get it on Traxsource

Ekayani’s Best Performance is Money to Burn

For it’s blazing trail through the underground house music radio network pushed primarily by DJ Greg Anderson out of Long Branch, New Jersey who is completely international with his FOLB broadcasts in Spain, South Africa, Greece, France, Brazil ,  UK and the good ole USA-  Bodhi Satva’s Money to Burn Ancestral Mix helped garner Ekayani Best Electronica House Music Performance. It’s people like DJ Greg that make life as smooth as glass sometimes. The  Amazon is on on Amazon UK

Boddhisattva's Ancestral Soul Mix

aannnnnd! After being nominated for Best Video of the Year up against Billboard Top 25 songstress Sariah, Here’s the Light  won! Check it out! Again! Its got 75  Take a Walk Through Brooklyn with Ekayani

So What Happened in November 2015? EKAYANI EP COVER 1400x1400 THE LIGHT FINAL BW COVER

November 2 was the release date of Here’s the Light 2015 Remixes EP. Ahead of the remix pack was  Yuki “T- Groove” Takahashi disco mix getting considerable airplay and a viral thumbs up from Fabio Negri’s Weekly Mix Tape out of Italy on POP station Vertigo One. This is a track that ran all the way into December 2015 with Reggie Johnson’s “From the Sound Board” on WBAI showing  Yuki love and the jolly  Ian Jon introducing it to his followers @SolarRadio UK giving it play on his Christmas special December 23. Buy we are getting ahead of ourselves. In the Netherlands on Saturday, November 7, 2015 Ekayani’s Single “Here’s the Light” continued it’s ascension into the stratosphere by ranking at #82 above musical legend James Taylor (who ranked #83 for “Stretch of the Highway”) and one ranking down from COLDPLAY (#81 for “Adventure of a Lifetime”). PICA, a Netherlands based promotional and touring company in its 38th year of existence publishes Hit Tracks Top 100 every Saturday.  Meanwhile back in New York in a time warp kind of a way, Ekayani was on the couch as a returning guest on November 7  edition of Legends TV talking about her successes and her late beloved grandfather. ..it’s  pretty funny. Listen in on MIXCLOUD

Back to October  2015  Here’s the Light Dual launch Brooklyn & Amsterdam Dance Event


Muchmores in Williamsburgh was the launch party  screening for Ekayani’s home based Brooklyn supporters before jetting off to Amsterdam with mad support from The English Breakfast Radio Show on Lennii Razzman’s Megalo Mondays, Amsterdam’s Most Wanted Underground Radio Show and JAMMFM.NL always smooth and funky show and the Varsana Shop.We’d also like to thank the 42 Annual Halloween Parade in New York City for honoring Ekayani with a VERY VIP pass to view the parade. Halloween

2016 Stepping into more light and travels…

The future holds another fabulous interpretion from TECHNO  composer and DJ Sceptical C  out of the NL I am looking forward to returning and recording in the land of tulips and bicycles.








Here’s the Light Wins Best Video of the Year 2015

December 20, 2015

Washington Street in DUMBO the iconic backdrop for Ekayani’s towering appearance in her smash hit video



Ekayani and her producer Tom Glide


John Francis Bourke in Vinegar Hill

Shot entirely in Brooklyn the award winning video was Directed by John -Francis Bourke, the original song penned by Ekayani with music by Tom Glide was released on TGEE Records October 2, 2015 and has gained international support with airplay and video views in the UK NL Italy USA appealing to a wide swath of Indie Pop fans. Known for singing about meditative topics with danceable grooves TGEE Records has released Ekayani’s companion EP with new cuts by an international cast of Remixers: From Tokyo, Yuki T – Groove Takahashi’s  disco mix is very popular, followed by South Africa’s Beat Pharmacy’s The Echologist Dub running close behind. Contributions by UK drummer Andrew McGuinness,the Original NY Dub Mix and Radio Edits for Radio Disc Jockeys are included.EPCover15Check that out on AMAZON and leave a review!


Still by John Francis Bourke Extraordinary editing by Clinton Querci 

Wait – There are no Bodegas in Amsterdam?

December 19, 2015

New Yorkers pretty much expect food to be available at any time of the day  and  everywhere. We hold the ubiquitous bodega, that beloved deli on the corner, that dispensary of hot coffee and tea, sandwiches, crisps and some suspicious looking fruit responsible for helping us get by anytime of day or night and especially at night when we are up late. As it turns out even more than music, festival goers expect food. So why aren’t there any bodegas in Amsterdam and what is an ADE attendee supposed to do about food at 3AM ???


Listen to my insights on surviving the ADE  on MIXCLOUD now


New Time: ADE Adventure Airs @ Midnight

December 15, 2015



Please note the updated time is now MIDNIGHT to 3AM EST /  5AM GMT/ Wednesday December 16, 2015

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Nominated for Best Video of the Year Here’s the Light Mesmerizes

December 9, 2015

Thumbs Up – Ekayani Mesmerizes – How to Find Inner Peace in POP

Nominated for a New Century Award for Best Dance Video of 2015 Ekayani takes you on a long walk though the industrial waterfront of Brooklyn. Our favorite part? The bit with the red umbrella with a view of the Manhattan bridge when Ekayani bursts out onto the screen. Its a joyful entrance on a gloomy day that redefines happiness against  all odds. Like Singing in the Rain , Ekayani makes lemonade out lemons. (Washington street  is easily the most photographed site in DUMBO and on a clear day you can see the Empire State building right though the legs of the bridge). Ekayani provides a window to inner peace through POP music. The director of  photography  John – Francis Bourke has lit up every frame with a towering beauty. Want to help Ekayani get to first place?  Watch Here’s the Light on youtube and give it a thumbs up. (Hit the LIKE button!)



ADE Special Coming December 16, 2015

December 1, 2015


ADE15 Special Segment Airs Wednesday December 16 on WBAI NYC

From October 14 to 18 ,2015 Ekayani attended the 20th edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event considered the largest music conference in the world dedicated exclusively to house music and all its sub genres. Attracting 365,000 tourists , 5000 music professionals it showcases 2200 artists in 450 events in the city of Amsterdam. FROM THE SOUNDBOARD brings you EKAYANI’s  insider artist perspective sharing her conversations with Matt Black, Jacob Sylvester Bilabel ,Techno Legend Dave Clarke, Dj Isis, Sceptical C , MAASK, MC Lemony Lennii  and more. She’ll  takes you on a journey through night clubs, panel discussions all on the streets of Amsterdam. Sustainability, New Music, Education ,Women of House all converge along with Ekayani’s insider tips on how to navigate this enormous festival. Airing from 3 AM to 5AM Eastern Standard Time it will be breakfast time in Europe. Lunchtime in Japan. NYC Insomniacs your dream has come true. Listen multiple ways: Mobile via TuneIn app http://tunein.com/radio/From-the-Soundboard-p258334/ Laptop/Computer: http://www.wbai.org/program.php?program=105Or a real RADIO! 99.5 FM

ReggieReggie Johnson  From the Soundboard’s producer founded the program in 2008.

Mixtape Vol 9

November 29, 2015


Looks like Ekayani is being surpassed by  T – Groove’s Disco Remix of surprise!!! … Ekayani’s “Here’s the Light”. Japan’s Yuki Takahashi (we just love saying that name! Try it!) was just featured on Radio Vertigo One weekly mixtape.  Italy’s number one station for discovering  new pop music, check it out on  Mixcloud  curated by DJ Fabio Negri. It looks like Ekayani just cant keep up with herself!

WBAI FM ADE 15 Special Segment – Ekayani Reports on the 20th Festival Edition

November 9, 2015

Insider Tip: This information center is stationed in the Leidseplein but don’t expect to purchase tickets here. Wristbands are de riguer. But if you want to buy a la carte you need to go the venue especially if the website crashes. Heavy use ‪#‎ADE15‬ Problems happen at festivals and broadband use is one of them. ‪#‎ADEGreen15‬ can we find a solution for this? I suspect ‪#‎Spotify‬ integration caused spotty service on the ADE site which made it impossible to buy tickets. Another caveat: Box offices don’t open till 6PM and by then your party will be SOLD OUT. ‪

The Amsterdam Dance Event is an annual music conference occurring mid October in The Netherlands that focuses exclusively on HOUSE music and all its sub genres and transmutations for five days. It’s backed by the Dutch government which was intelligent enough to realize that any art festival that attracts 365,000 tourists deserves support. The ADE is one of the big money makers for the country with recognizable names such as Dee Jays Armin Van Buren,TIESTO, and David Guetta filling stadiums at ticket prices going for 150 Euros or more. But it’s not just all mega commercial success: Art and Pioneers of the genre, legends in their own right Derrick May,Juan Atkins,Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and many others remain constellations.Students,new artists,label heads and international press flock to the event. 2015 marked its 20th year. Divided into thirds, it features not only parties but also Panels and “Playgrounds” (a euphemism for sponsors selling gear and equipment). Concentrated in the center of Amsterdam around the 50 nightclubs located in the Leidseplein, it’s convenient. Museums also get involved with this years predilection for Graffitti Art from New York.To understand the scale of the ADE there were 340 official events with an estimated 5000 professionals and 2200 artists presenting. As you would hope, the Dutch have led the way towards sustainability. For the past three years a sub conference has been held called ADE GREEN. Opening the festival it’s ambition to engage and expand the conversation among promoters and festival goers on finding solutions to waste,water and energy management. For the curious you can read the the official statement : Festival_program_Amsterdam_Dance_Event_complete_54764-2


Now please allow me to introduce myself to you dear reader. My name is EKAYANI, an artist signed to TGEE Records UK. I traveled from Brooklyn not only as an artist to push my new single but also as a reporter for WBAI 99.5FM Pacifica Radio which is one of five independent community listener funded radios in the United States. My personal philosophy is that it’s always better in life to make friends and form relationships with other people rather than to exclusively push ones own agenda.That makes for a lonely world.This is my very real time account which I fancy to be part travel guide with the highs and frustrations I experienced at the ADE from October 14 to 18, 2015. This is the companion post to Ekayani ADE Adventure A Radio Narrative  on WBAI FM 99.5 that aired on From the Sound Board on 12/16


De Brakke Grond as the Vlaams Cultuuthuis is known was the location of the 1 day ADEGreen Sub Conference located in The Dam aka downtown of Amsterdam.

Day ONE –  10/14  ADE Green Sub Conference is dedicated to sustainability, reducing waste at festival culture and most importantly generating energy. Established by Jacob Sylvester Bilabel three years ago, he served as moderator and provocateur.Based in Berlin, he sees the mission  of the ADE GREEN as pushing forward social innovation. As such there were many keynote speakers invited in partnership with Julies Bicycle, ID&T, Green Events Nederland, Green Music Initiative, Open-House and Vereniging van Evenementen Makers (VVEM). Listen to Jacob as he explains his positive approach.

Urine generating energy through cells is the slide on display by presenter Rob Scully organizer of Glastonbury Festival. Rob points out that GBF is a  temporary city so why not   use the human waste to provide the #energy needs in #refugee camps where need is dire #ADEGreen15 zero waste

Urine generating energy through cells is the slide on display by presenter Rob Scully organizer of Glastonbury Festival. Rob points out that GBF is a temporary city so why not use the human waste to provide the #energy needs in #refugee camps where need is dire #ADEGreen15 zero waste

Managing energy was the theme of the panel talk Major Tom to Ground Control

Moderator Chris Johnson (Shambala Festival GB) asked invitees Rob Scully (Glastonbury Festival) and Govert Reeskamp (Overlook) to report on their tactics on energy conservation and generation. The loss along the grid which is as high as  40% can be attributed to generators that are simply not to scale.Too big for the job they generate too much energy and burn too much energy.To paraphrase Rob Scully, working with Aggreko, the largest temporary energy suppliers in the UK by aggressively monitoring all stages of use has helped improve their business model by lowering spending, increasing profits and efficiency. With 15. 5 million liters of diesel used annually at 300 summer festivals in the UK, the era of #plugnplay is over. Moving on with the stat filled discussion on controlling costs and demand management, Govert Reeskamp analyzed the transport costs Into the Great Wide Open Festival that takes place on an island with access available with only one ferry. This presents unique challenges to supply the 6000 ticket holders to this island festival in NL that possess a variety of terrains and little open space. Beach, forest, and dunes must be contended with so the use of #solar and a  #wind generator has been part of the process to get to zero fossil fuel consumption.

From Clicktivism to Activism: Keynote Sea Shepard moderated by Jacob Sylvester Billabel,CEO Alex Cornelissian, a vegan,has been with Sea Shepard, the only private navy enforcing international law in the oceans since 2002. From the NL and a self described “average guy”, he started off as a cook during his first mission in the Galápagos Islands. Tracking illegal fishing lines for #whaling #dolphins #turtles #sharks,his premise is Oceans Die, We Die Listen to his galvanizing and exciting talk about making change happen in real life https://embed-live.beatport.com/#type=single&stream=790” target=”_blank”>Follow this link to watch the Video of Alex ‘s Talk at ADE GREEN
Recently featured in The New York Times for the taking down of the rogue fishing ship the THUNDER  Interpol convicted the captain and several crew members fining them 15 million Euros but “since that’s impossible to repay” it looks like jail time for these destructive activities that perpetrate  slavery  and humantrafficking  Message? Stop illegal fishing This was so positive. Congratulations to Sea Shepards new office in Amsterdam!

10/15 Day TWO Getting the VIP Treatment: Techno Legend Dave Clarke rocks Club NOVA

Day 2 was the highlight of my festival experience. Ostensibly I was to interview the Techno Legend, British born Dave Clarke who has been plying his craft for 20 years now.  Lennii Razmann told me about this interview and I just went with it ignorant of whom I was actually meeting. That’s when I spotted Clarke on the cover of DJ Magazine. A happy coincidence that his milestone would fall on the 20th Edition of the ADE, I was ushered into CLUB NOVA a small little joint by New York standards located just off the Leidseplein. Dave’s philosophy is music first. On short order I was swept up into the magic of being in an old school dance party which to me was like a tent revival. I don’t think Dave understood what I meant  but it made for a humorous moment with the man who is down to earth, whole and just living his life’s passion. Once outside I chatted with  Sceptical C 

10/16 Day THREE Hanging out at The Melkweg Eat at Jo’s Cafe Finding Educational Opportunities & Matt Black


Mural by Brian Elstak

It’s been said that an army runs on it’s stomach and at the ADE that stomach is Eat at Jo’s. Situated inside The Melkweg a premiere touring stop and a hub in Europe, you can meet anybody there who is doing anything important. The cafe is very, very busy during the ADE providing hot meals both vegan, vegetarian and otherwise to the hungry masses. Erik Tunison (Die Kruezen drummer, punk fans!) and his wife Mary Jo are both expats from Minnesota. They change the menu daily Wednesday through Sunday. This is where I ran into Matt Black the co founder of the charted duo Cold Cut (1987) for the third time so I knew something was up. Delightful to speak with and gracious, Matt is also the co founder of Ninja Tune Music having just celebrated 25 years of the label. Not a man to rest on his laurels, he is the inventor of a new app for electronic music, the co signer of the smash group ODESZA and was a keynote at ADE Green.

Listen to 8 Ninja Tunes remixed from his app Ninja Jamm https://www.mixcloud.com/mattblack1/matt-black-ninja-jamm-ade-mix

EDUCATION My conversation with Iris Eschel began with her casual remark that the festival was still largely male dominated.(We were both standing at the bar at East at Jo’s and were surrounded by men). Iris who was a student attending the first ADE in 1994 is now an educator at the University of the Arts.She has been bringing students to the ADE since 2002. I had a warm chat with Iris on the educational benefits of student interns conducting surveys,manning registration, and networking at the even and hope to posting that sound bite later. Stay tuned.


Ladies of House One of the frustrations I experienced was not being able to catch all of the 84 ladies officially presenting their skills and new releases at this years event. No time for Amy Becker

, Anane Vega, Mary Jane Coles, Helen Ting and dozens of others. I did manage to get a quick interview with DJ Isis and ventured out to her set at Club NL.

Unfortunately, there was no one banner under which I could go to hear ALL of the women which would have been my dream. Spread out over several nights and locations I had to make a choice. I opted to check out Aïsha Devi at the Sugar Factory on 10/17 for her release party for “From Matter to Spirit”10 tracks of self produced compositions released on (HOUNDSTOOTH​). Besides founding her label, Danse Noire and releasing leftfield electronic music, it was a no brainer that I would be intrigued by this Swiss-born, Nepalese-Tibetan electronic singer/producer. As far as I knew, I was the only female working in electronica specializing in spiritual topics, dabbling in Sanskrit and working from spirit to nightclubs. Her track Mazda is wonderful.


Aïsha Devi ADE15 Sugar Factory 10.17

Finally the diva Aïsha Devi takes the stage after Throwing Snow’s deafening set. Ethereal the comparison to #Bjork will be obvious as she composes programs and plays her own sets. The language she is singing in remains mysterious to my ear and her voice range is medium to upper register. Using pounding bass to make her point, her soaring vocals above scissor like sonic waves, she,  as other northern singers I’ve heard,manages to remain engaging while aloof. This is my commentary on a digital age which may be the perfect sheath for her style of Buddhism. She is wearing mayavadi tilak a symbol of impersonalism. Somehow the person, however isolated, always remains a central focus in Buddhism. That is it’s paradox. High art, on the floor staring intently at her there is a group of devoted males wearing black. #Acolytes? She’s wearing track shoes.  – Ekayani

Chappell native of the ATL has been residing in BeNeLux for a dozen years singing, writing and working in his preferred genre of house music. He explained to me the softer side of house music found outside of Amsterdam. I hope to have that interview up soon recorded where we met at La Cage. In the meantime check out his new release https://itun.es/us/p9vh_?i=1058889574


10/17 Day FOUR

MAASKMy Interview with MAASK, a beat boxer he is a rising star in Holland. He presented a short set for ADE15 at The Nieu Anita. Maask is an unusual act in a #House music dominated event as for most it’s strictly turntables. #Opera mimicry, looping are all tools he uses to engage his audience.Stay tuned for a clip from MAASK!

I just had to give props to my guide DJ and MC Lemony Lennii,host of Megalo Mondays on The English breakfast Radio Show Amsterdam. A dual resident of Utrecht and Amsterdam, he was an indispensable guide to me…and anyone visiting. He knows Amsterdam like I know New York which is to say like the back of his hand. 

10/18 Day (and night) FIVE

Full of “breakfast” parties and closing parties, I was on an airplane speeding back to Brooklyn as festival attendees were getting EVERYTHING they could from the last day and night of the ADE. Enjoy “C”s Hard Style set the last night. 


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